Trainings and Masterclasses

  • Workplace Confidence

    Exploring your unique makeup to own your role.
    Valid for one month
    • In this Masterclass you will learn:
    • - How to discover and embrace your strengths
    • - Ways to begin walking in confidence immediately
    • -The Top 5 Confidence Killers
    • - How to overcome your Confidence Killers
  • Program Exposure

    Valid for one month
    • Create Transformational Programs
    • Maximize Staff/Volunteer Output
    • Recruit & Engage Clients, Donors and Volunteers
    • Acquire the Virtual Event Landscape for engagement
  • Classroom Hope

    Tools that bring relief, strategy and hope to Educators.
    Valid for one month
    • This Webinar Will Help You:
    • - Build Trust Within The Classroom
    • - Enhance Your Social Emotional Learning Toolbox
    • - Empower Your Students Creativity 
    • Address the Emotional Stressors within your Students
  • Empowered Planning

    Every month
    The E-Course
    • On-Demand Planning Videos
    • Learn to have optimum impact without the Burnout
    • Receive practical strategy without the Mission Drifting
    • Tackle Mindset Traps that hinder planning and creativity
    • Unleash your Team for optimum impact within your mission
    • Receive access to new Training Videos every month