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Empowered Inc is a Transformational Coaching Company that provides individuals and organizations with Strategy, Digital Products and Project Management to achieve their personal and professional goals. 

We bring clarity, confidence and alignment to the processes of our clients to prosper in Life, Business and Ministry.

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Empowered coaching provides  customized strategy and resources for each Client as we discover and bring alignment to your goals and dreams. We are not just about the talk either, but about the execution of your Personal and Professional goals. We work together to help you to prosper in your everyday life.

Empowered Placement

A life dedicated to the wrong career or job position leaves us unsatisfied, drained and unhealthy. Empowered Placement works with each Client to provide the tools and resources to find the "fit" where they will thrive in the workplace or educational environment.

Motivational Speaking and Workshops

Everywhere we go, we empower. Each place our Founder goes, life is spoken to meet the audience where they are and bring alignment, encouragement and strategy. We speak on college campuses, in classrooms to ministry groups, places of employment and more. No place is the same once she leaves.

Our Services